Welcome to the Mason Dixon 20-20's Finale





 Here is some basic information about the Finale.  There will be a "base route".  Riders will have to secure a fuel receipt [for lots of points of course] from the following cities [in no particular order]:

  • Erie, PA
  • Winchester, VA
  • St Marys, WV
  • Binghamton, NY

Riders are advised to NOT start the rally with completely filled fuel tanks.  Riders will receive their rallybooks at the Riders' Meeting on Saturday May 23, 2020; there will be no early distribution of bonus lists prior to that meeting.  There will be approximately four dozen bonus locations, not including the fuel stops, mentioned above.  On the good news front, there will be a one hour "planning period" before the official rally clock starts;  riders may not leave prior to official rally start even if their planning is complete.  Electronic photo submission will be highly rewarded.

The Finale will be an Invitation Only event; there may be a limited number of Finishers' Banquet tickets available.  More information will be made available when appropriate.



Alternate dates will be early August 2020.  Final decision will be made by April 20, 2020.


Co-VOID 20-20 Finishers' Banquet

Purchase your finishers' banquet ticket here.  $40




Howdy there

Welcome to the Co-VOID 20-20 Motorcycle Rally


The Mason Dixon 20-20 Riders' Club is pleased and honored to announce that it will be combining forces with the VOID Rally to hold the first (and last) ever CO-VOID 20-20 Rally.

The Mason-Dixon 20-20 was scheduled to run its final rally on Memorial Day weekend 2020. Due to the unpredictable situation we collectively found ourselves in, the decision to not hold the MD 20-20 Finale was made.

Not holding an event is not the same as cancelling an event and with that said – The Void and the Mason Dixon 20-20 will join forces and hold a combined rally October 9-10, 2020, the Co-VOID 20-20.

Additional information will be forthcoming on the VOID website but until then – keep your distance, wash your hands, don’t touch your face and keep checking back for additional information and dont forget to 
bring one small (approximately 3" in diameter) yellow rubber ducky to check-in.




 How do rallies work?  a short video

         Charter #2993

                                                      Rider Discussion Group

Don Arthur's article on Fatigue Management



To quote the great George Carlin, "...Put it back.  Somebody is saving it.  It'll turn up in something."

2019 Results

collected for Johns Hopkins Children's Center:

  • 41 gift cards
  • 10 fidget spinner toys
  • 50 sets of earbuds
  • 1 water bottle
  • $456 from the raffle

Special Awards:

Jim Young Trophy for Riding Efficiency - David Schroeder@ 17.89 points per mile

Cheesedick of the Year- Todd Lampone

Close enough to get the cigar- Chris Rasmussen @ 13:58 because he forget to bring his stogies

Special commendation to Jim Abbott for learning the difference between anti-freeze and oil