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Welcome to the Co-VOID 20-20 Motorcycle Rally


The Mason Dixon 20-20 Riders' Club is pleased and honored to announce that it will be combining forces with the VOID Rally to hold the first (and last) ever CO-VOID 20-20 Rally.

The Mason-Dixon 20-20 was scheduled to run its final rally on Memorial Day weekend 2020. Due to the unpredictable situation we collectively found ourselves in, the decision to not hold the MD 20-20 Finale was made.

Not holding an event is not the same as cancelling an event and with that said – The Void and the Mason Dixon 20-20 will join forces and hold a combined rally October 9-10, 2020, the Co-VOID 20-20.

Additional information will be forthcoming on the VOID website but until then – keep your distance, wash your hands, don’t touch your face and keep checking back for additional information.




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