Sweet Sixteen

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Welcome to the 2015 Mason Dixon 20-20 Endurance Rally, the premier endurance rally of the mid-Atlantic.  Now in our 16th year, the Mason Dixon 20-20 is one of the longest annually held events in the LD community.  Again, as in the past few years, we will be working out of Martinsburg, WV just minutes from the fun roads of West Virginia and the scenic mountains of Pennsylvania.   

What's new for 15?  Well it is our 16th birthday and we thought what better way to celebrate it than with a traditional dance, a cotillion if you will.  Resplendent with all the drama and pageantry you'd expect from such an event if it were held in West Virginia.  Like all good dances, riders will be required to bring a partner.  Our times have changed a little too, starting a bit later on Saturday rather than the usual pre-dawn roll outs.

Registration opens on 1/5/15 and promptly ends on 4/20/15 for all you stoners.    Solo riders are $125 with 2-ups at $225 which includes your officially rally shirt, swag and the two main meals [Friday and Sunday's Banquets].  We plan to have a whole hog, Cuban style for the annual pig roast at the Finishers' Feast.  
The Johns Hopkins Children's' Center is our charity for the 15th consecutive year.

With thanks to Jason Jonas, our registration is again through Ridemaster.  Please click HERE to register.

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See y'all in May if not sooner!